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WIIS-Romania seeks to provide valuable services and resources to build a national and international network of women in the field of security, increasing the number and the visibility of women in this area.

WIIS-Romania intends to inspire active women to express their own points of view in fields related to security (in a broad sense, traditional security and human security, inclusive a range of disciplines such as Conflict Resolution and Human Rights). In the same time, WIIS-Romania encourages the active civic engagement of women who understand the importance of inclusive and diverse participation in peace and security.



TransatlanticPolicy towards Eastern Europe”,

Financed by GMF / Black Sea Trust Fund

March 2011


Speaker: Constanze Stelzenmüller, Senior Transatlantic Fellow, German Marshall Fund,              President WIIS DE.


Project Manager: Daniela Marca, co-founder of WIIS-Romania, and a career diplomat specialized in Political-Military issues and Security Policy.


The project’s goal was to identify and raise awareness about the flaws of the existing trans-Atlantic policy towards Eastern Europe. To this end, the project listed the following tangible objectives, which have been achieved:

(1) organize public debates as framework for a common analysis of the existing policy and prospects for improvement;

(2) ensure the necessary participation that will confer added value to the debates: decision makers, representatives from relevant countries/organizations active in the region;

(3) identify an inventory of pragmatic measures that would contribute on short/medium term to improving the Western/EU policy towards the region, as well as a common strategic direction – as longer term objective;

(4) conduct interviews with relevant mass media in host country.


The project was developed through cooperation with NGOs in countries of destination, as well as in partnership with governmental institutions in each country involved. Hence, in conceiving and implementing this project, WIIS ROMANIA  cooperated with :

R. Moldova : Institute for Public Policy,  PRO MARSHALL

Georgia : Open Society Georgia Foundation

Ukraine : Open Ukraine Foundation

Germany : GMF,  the Romanian Embassy in Berlin